Could the Key to Effortless Weight Management Be… Eating Sweets and Burgers?

This New Approach to Dieting Goes Against Everything We’ve Been Taught by the Fitness & Nutrition Industry… Yet It Worked for Thousands of Men and Women

Being on a diet SUCKS.

It’s a weird thing to hear from a guy who makes a living helping people get in shape… But it’s true:

We are all doing it against our will - forcing ourselves to follow all these rules so that we can hopefully reach our goals ASAP and then go back and enjoy life again.

No wonder why so many professional athletes get a “dad bod” as soon as they retire - they are TIRED of counting calories and eating clean.

Simply people aren’t wired to restrain from all these life pleasures - such as food, alcohol, and not running on a treadmill - for the sake of a flat stomach.

That’s just the way we are.

So if you’ve been struggling with diets over the years, don’t worry.

It’s not your fault and you are certainly not alone.

The REAL #1 Reasons 90% of People Fail With Their Diets

See, most diets out there actually WORK

The only problem is, they are requesting too big of a change, so people simply can’t follow them for long enough to get results.

Here’s an example:

A person who is a diehard meat-eater and can’t imagine her day without something sweet… Is suddenly advised by a nutritionist to switch to salads, count every calorie, and drink nothing but water.


Despite the fact that counting calories and drinking water are perfectly effective ways to lose weight, our girl is used to actually enjoying her life, so she can’t stick with this diet for more than a few weeks…

And therefore she fails.

Now Imagine a Different Scenario…

Let’s take the same lady again

But this time, instead of forcing her to quit all the good stuff, we create a custom meal plan that allows her to eat steak and burgers, have a cheesecake whenever she feels like it, and STILL stay in a big enough caloric deficit to reach her weight goals.

Don’t you think she’s more likely to succeed THIS way?


And not just that…

She’ll probably keep following this meal plan even after she reaches her goals because it’s so effective yet not restrictive at all

This new way of eating will eventually become an integral part of her lifestyle… A second nature… And she’ll enjoy immense health benefits in years to come.

Unorthodox Way to Fit Your Favorite Foods in Your Diet Without Compromising Weight Loss

My team and I have invented a system that allows us to learn everything about our clients and create a fully-customized meal plan for them in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Everyone takes a FREE 2-minute quiz to tell us what their favorite foods are, how much time they have for cooking, what’s their desired weight etc.

STEP 2: My team and I put together a customized meal plan, fully adjusted to an individual’s specific needs, wants, and goals. If they say they love cookies, we find a way to let them eat cookies.

STEP 3: They enjoy all the benefits of the ketogenic diet, without having to quit their favorite guilty pleasures. As a result, 82% of them succeed.

If you want to give it a shot, click the button below to take the FREE quiz and see what you can expect from a custom keto meal plan:

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